It's been a while yet again. I think I have become a slacker with blogging because now that I'm back in the states I have a cell phone and I can tell the grandparents all the fun things that happen here. I don't know how often I'll blog, maybe I will get to it more often in the winter when the kiddos and I are stuck inside. Some things that are going on with us: We are loving this time of year in Colorado. Who wouldn't? I need to take some pictures of it now that it has lost its yuckiness: snow. There are paths to walk everywhere, and we bought a jogging stroller. It catches the wind when I'm running, and possibly doubles my workout, but we've been going to the several nearby parks quite often. Park is one of Lucas's 20-word vocabulary and we hear it come out in the form of "pok" whenever we get into the van or get the kids in the stroller. I'm excited to have started a running schedule with a friend about a block away. We're going to run a 5k in July and I'm excited about improving in that area. Having someone run with me is a lot more motivation than by myself. On another note, I'm so excited that my mom is coming to visit! She'll be here tomorrow night so I need to get things a little more organized! We are all (except James) trying to bounce back after a cold so I suppose that's our only bad news.

So anyone have ideas on blogging safety? Should I not list our names, first and last on here? I set it up that way but I can change it if I need to...I just don't know if it's necessary, so if anyone knows a reason that I should, please let me know. I know a lot of people that create nicknames and such, wondering if I should too.

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