Sleepy Boys

I took this pic of Cobin a couple of weeks ago, but just forgot to post it. I got back from my run and Cobin had crashed in the upstairs hallway(he's to the point he won't sleep during quiet time but still gets exhausted) He was so out!

Lucas is 18 months and has long since given up his afternoon naps, and he gets really cranky in the afternoons. So, I decided yesterday to push back his morning nap to just after lunch. He did fine yesterday but today I guess going to story time wore him out because I was otherwise occupied for a few minutes while the boys finished up lunch and came back to this! He had to be uncomfortable but was pretty mad when I woke him up to clean all the food off of his face and move him to his crib.

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Mare said...

Those are awesome pictures. Oh... naptimes - what amazing sanity savers!