Mullet no more

Lucas was starting to get a little bit of a mullet, his hair came in longer in the back than in the front....so we had to trim it. Here he is on the day of his first hair cut, before pic (notice the new top teeth):And let me explain the snail. Ever find stuff in your produce? We once found a spider in the grapes, but this was the biggest surprise. I put the broccoli in the fridge on saturday and pulled it out on sunday to use...but as I was cutting it up, I found this snail! Freaked me out a little...

I have a friend here that just had a baby and I wanted to paint this for her nursery. Classic Winnie the Pooh was the theme, and here's a pillow from it. Her son's name is Paolo, the spanish version of Paul. My favorite letters are the A and the L...isnt' it cute? I thought so.

I am still working on the roses, I am painting them from the top and they are looking good so far. Roses are HARD to paint though...so little by little I'll get it done.

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