~100~ well no, just ~50~

A few friends have on their blog 100 things about them. I think I'll have fun writing this, so here's mine:

1. I went to the senior prom with James when I was 15.
2. I fell off my bike and broke my front tooth when I was little.
3. My favorite scent is mandarin vanilla lotion from sears.
4. I can't swim well with my face in the water unless I'm holding my nose.
5. I hate to be cold.
6. I have two brothers.
7. I've always wanted a sister.
8. I started singing in the Texas Girls Choir when I was in elementary school.
9. My favorite drink is hot chocolate.
10. I like to eat breakfast for dinner.
11. I really, really like the Harry Potter books.
12. I can sew pretty good.
13. I was co-captain of my high school soccer team with my now sister-in-law.
14. She and I sewed our own spandex superhero halloween costumes with capes......and wore them to school.
15. I love horses.
16. I bought a guitar to learn, but my fingers hurt on the steel strings so I took up the flute instead.
17. I was born in Creve Coure, MO.
18. I found Cobin's name on a liscense plate.
19. I don't really like to cook, just bake.
20. I lived with my grandmother, Gama, my first year of college.
21. I like to run.
22. I think boxing is the epitome of stupidity.
23. Little adobe houses fascinate me.
24. I think I'm claustrophobic.
25. I think african americans have the most adorable babies.
26. I have only been given one speeding ticket to my husbands 12 or so.
27. I missed one of my best friend's weddings to come to Guatemala. ) :
28. If I watch a suspenseful/scary movie, I cover my eyes during the scary music that tells you something's coming.
29. I really like family traditions.
30. I think I only have one memory before 1st grade.
31. My parents let me paint my bedroom neptune: a bright aqua color, which it still is.
32. I like power yoga.
33. I miss Forest Park in St. Louis.
34. My second toe on my left foot is a tad longer than my big toe, on my right they're even.
35. In high school during one summer I watched All My Children everyday.
36. The only person I've ever cussed out was my high school sweetheart, now my husband.
37. My brother and I used to take Taekwando classes together.
38. I've never liked playing hide and seek.
39. I got engaged to James while I was dating someone else.
40. I'll tell you anything I think if you ask me to, I'm usually too honest.
41. I think a cubic zirconia looks better than a diamond and costs way less. (james bought me diamonds for my engagement ring anyway)
42. I like action movies.
43. My first cell phone had a translucent neon green cover.
44. I think fleas could've been one of the seven plagues.
45. I'm planning on homeschooling.
46. I want to name a girl we have Zoey, but James refuses.
45. My teddy bear's name is Ted. (yes, I still have him somewhere)
46. I'm a tshirt and jeans girl all the way.
47. I've never really liked to shop.
48. I love all holiday decorations.
49. I can't wait to decorate my own home!
50. I love my husband more than anyone on this earth.

Ok, I give up. Fifty was hard enough to do, props to those who can or have done the hundred. Interesting thinking back on some of these that made me laugh and some that made me cry. Some are just how I am. I regret a few things, but none of these!

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