Here's one way we've been taking advantage of the "eternal spring." These are some of the plants we've grown in the short time we've been here. I've got a few in the back too, but they are more modest growers.
I got a picture of James and Cobin on one of their daily bike rides. I have to get a video of them because Cobin just gets going....he had trouble at first with the pedals, but not anymore! And Gama- here's how they wear babies here, newborns till four years old. It's great! The snuggli front carrier is great from about two to four months, but after that it kills my shoulders... Since Lucas still can't walk and I don't want him crawling on the ground whenever we go somewhere, he's often on my back. He doesn't mind at all, that mommas boy!
Every now and then I carry Cobin for a bit, he thinks its a great treat, but not too long cause he's getting so heavy....

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