Driving through a tree

This trip had been my first to California.  We saw a few neat things, but on the way home we went out of the way to see some of the worlds largest trees in the redwood forests of northern California.  We drove our SUV through this tree.  There was also a gondola we took that would have been a lot cooler had it not been rainy and overcast, but on the positive side the gondola was enclosed.  It was still pretty awesome, but it began to feel a bit like a Jurassic Park movie and we were food dangling in the air.  

Oh yea, Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe.  James and the boys are totally dwarfed by them.  We are home and we are so happy to be back in our beds!  We are finishing up the schoolwork for this year and gearing up for swimming lessons and campouts!

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