Cobin's 7th Birthday

Cobin's birthday was a lot of fun.  Harry Potter!  He has been reading and rereading since he learned to read chapter books.  

Here are some wands I made for the occasion that each child got to take home.


The sorting hat was my favorite part.  James went in the other room and could see via skype who was ready to be sorted.  He then used a set of walkie talkies, one of them in the top of the hat to 'sort' them into houses.  

Muggle Quidditch

One of my favorite scenes from the movie.

The 'cauldron' had dry ice but this was before the party, so we didn't make it fog yet.

After the party Lucas asked me if we could do the same for his birthday.  I let him know that I have something different in mind: Transformers.  He was quite happy with that. 

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Lori Ann said...

What an awesome party! I love the wands you made. You are such a great mom!