Flashback Friday

I love this idea (and am borrowing from Kanani) of flashback fridays. I started the blog after some fun things happened so why not recount them. ( :

One of the reasons I fell in love with James was his creative ways to show he cares about me. My first Valentines day with him...technically before we were dating because I was still 15...was a beautiful sunday morning. My stepmom was totally in on the plot without me knowing. She insisted that I go get her purse from her car trunk because she needed her lipstick for church. I was a let's say hesistant teenager to do my mom's bidding, but she got to be pretty demanding. I was thinking, If you need to paint your face, go get it yourself woman!...but I'd never say that. So, I went to her car and on top of the trunk were a bunch of red and silver hershey kisses with a clue. Thus had begun my scavenger hunt. The clue led me to the post office, which gave me another clue and kisses....then to his house (five minutes from mine with a chocolate rose in addition to kisses taped onto his front door) then to his church. At this point we were pretty late for my baptist church meeting. I guess it was ok with mom, but at that clue we had to stop and go to church. That last clue (which we followed after church) led to my house...and there on the kitchen table waiting for me were two dozen beautiful pink tipped yellow rozes and a valentine. ( : I had a few bags worth of hershey kisses and one of the best valentines day ever!

My dad's comment on the whole deal: "Boy, you're in trouble. I only got her mom one dozen. Doesn't look good for me for you to show me up like this." HAHAHA

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