Cobin's a funny boy

Yesterday Cobin put Lucas's teddy bear in time out. I asked him what he did to get time out, and he didn't really have a response, so I asked if he was throwing toys. "Yes" was the response, followed by "no throwing, teddy." Here's a picture of poor teddy.

Today James was going to take Cobin with him to Monnies house, but Cobin wanted to take four car toys and had his hands full ready to go. Dadda said (in spanish) it'd be better if you just take two. So he looked down at his hands, dropped one, then another and looked at his dad and said only two(in spanish). Our boy can subtract! and in another language. Yea!

He knows he's not allowed to go outside without shoes, so he just put dad's on since they were right there by the door. Daddy and a friend were outside and he wanted to go too. Clown feet...

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