Last week we spent in Canada.  Daddy had been there before, but it was a first for me and the boys.  He called me up a few days before and asked if I was interested in going with him on a business trip.  If we could all go, he'd sign up for it.  So we kinda got a free vacation, he even got money to eat out, which we used for the whole family by bringing a cooler and groceries.  The room we were going to get was basically an apartment, one bedroom, pull out couch in the living room with a tv and dvd player, kitchen, complete with dishes, microwave, full fridge and a dishwasher.  It was so nice, and the housekeeping came to vacuum-so I didn't have to!   When we were checking in, the lady at the counter upgraded us to a two bedroom I guess just because she saw we had 3 kids.  Needless to say my first impression of Canada might be slightly biased because of that hotel.  ( :  

Here's the master bedroom
Daddy reading Chronicles of Narnia to the boys before bedtime

I was really worried Micah wouldn't sleep well there but I practiced before we left having him sleep in the pack and play and he did amazing.  I feel more trips in our near future!  We had to see the aquarium and of course my battery died.  But I did get a few snapshots:
Micah in front of the beluga whale, without the flash.  The beluga is swimming upside down, he or she always seemed to be smiling and just lazing through the pool.

Micah with the beluga surfacing in the back

Playing kissyface with the 9 month old porpoise Jack.
He was so social, and never tired of all the people playing with him, but the older porpoises did.

Jack had to take a break for air, but the boys waited because he'd come back.

And he did.  We spent a while in this spot. ( :

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