Reupholstery and The Force

I bought a children's rocking chair at the Thrifty Shoppe in Colorado for $6.50, thinking I could recover it. If I failed, it wouldn't be that much of a waste, but worth it to learn something new. I couldn't decide on a fabric that I'd like and the boys would like, so I just went with something the boys liked, but wouldn't go out of fashion...sorry buzz lightyear. Thus the bright lizards...Before and after:
Somehow I ended up with one extra screw. It still rocks just fine!
Can you read what's on Micah's chest here? FUTURE JEDI MASTER. I know I shouldn't poke fun at my children...but his ears and height and shirt...well they just make me think of Yoda. A much better looking (and much chubbier) version. I can say that if I admit he gets his ears from me right?


Heather said...

The chair turned out great--I am very impressed!!!

nancy said...

awesome job sista!

Mare said...

Love the chair - you are so talented!