This morning I for sure felt the baby moving around. It's so exciting! I know that when I'm further along it will be not as exciting, but for now I'll just enjoy it. I will find out the sex of the baby (hopefully) March 31st and I can't wait! I don't know how some people do. We are riding out a sort of blizzard here and J is out driving in it. Makes me kind of nervous, but he's a great driver. Except when he speeds through curves with me in the car...

Before this snowstorm hit, we enjoyed several snowless days and played at parks. The boys had so much energy, at one point I dropkicked a soccer ball and they took turns retrieving it and dribbling it back to me. One day they won't think that's as cool, but they burned off a bunch of pent up energy that way! And next week is spring break here. Doesn't mean much for me with my kids still at home, but I have a week free of voice lessons, J isn't teaching thursday night, and YWs was cancelled! Woohoo! A whole week of deciding what I want to do with my family during the evenings!

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