Its been a while

It's really been that long since I've updated? I've been busy and have been neglecting. And I don't even feel bad about it...haha. Ok, well there's not too much that's new. I'm excited to say we're out of the small debt we racked up between job transfers! YEA! Nothing like the nagging of credit cards for a pay it in full every month girl. Now we're going to start tackling other things (savings for example) and hopefully soon we'll be able to get a second car. It was torture for me at first to have to share, but it's gotten better. Especially knowing the good it was doing in getting us out of debt.

Backtracking a little, we got a babysitter for Valentines day and went out to eat at a nice local restaraunt and then we went night sledding! We pulled off the road behind costco where there are some awesome hills and a cop of course immediatly pulls in behind us. He started questioning us skeptically like we weren't the married couple do gooders that we are. I mean, what did he think we were gonna do? It was so much fun, we hadn't had the chance to go together, and the hills there were way to steep for our little boys, we even went airborne!

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